Welcome to my blog

It gives me great joy to set up this blog as an avenue to share with you my thoughts and reflections on the infallible word of God. Over the years, I have seen God at work in my life and I have come to one unchanging conviction and undeniable truth that the word of God is the one stop manual that deals with every issue requisite for a successful and fulfilling life here on earth. It’s my prayer that as I share with you my reflections on the word on varied subjects of interest to me and as you contribute with your own knowledge and revelations in the same areas, we will all grow in our understanding of this God who alone does great wonders and whose wisdom encapsulated in His word is past finding out.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog

  1. Our current world has become such as need to be taught the parables of Jesus because where the world is headed and especially the christian world did not seem to know the basis of Jesus teaching. Parables were supposed to be used to convey the truth of God to those ‘outside’ the kingdom while those inside are spoken to in plain terms, but when the plain terms seem now heavy for them to understand, we may have to return to using parables. Pastor, we are together in this journey. More grace.


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